Make your customers
'see before eat'

Change the way your restaurant takes orders with our advanced augmented reality tech. Get ahead of other restaurants by letting your customers see your tasty dishes before they order. Make dining more enjoyable and really impress your guests with this new way of ordering. 

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What is mealar

Mealar accelerates and simplifies restaurant management with AR technology; menu updates and customer interactions happen instantly, making your operation more dynamic and efficient.

What are the benefits for your restaurant?

Mealar makes running your restaurant easier and more exciting with AR technology. It shows your customers what dishes really look like before they order, cutting down on wasted food and making customers happier. The menus are interactive, which makes ordering fun and easy, and updates to the menu can be done quickly, saving you time and effort. Plus, with digital feedback and contactless payments, everything moves smoother and faster, keeping your customers safe and satisfied. Mealar is all about making your restaurant stand out while making your job easier.

Meet The Team

Furkan Kurt

Mustafa Mehel
Backend Engineer

Özkan Yılmaz
Mobile Developer

Merve Ayaz
Frontend Developer

Emrah Türk
Frontend Developer

Oğuzhan Kandakoğlu 
Senior     Fullstack   Developer

Umut Can Tekçam
XR Engineer

Enes Türk
UX Designer

Erhan Atalan
Frontend Developer

Yunus Emre Önder
Senior Frontend Developer